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 For all Skerray folk, whether resident, descendant, visitor or tourist.  We welcome you to this web site. The information contained within is for your, but not limited to, enjoyment, history, research, memories, information and thoughts about Skerray and its surrounding hamlets.
This web site is all about the community of Skerray, from Breaco to Strathen and all places in between, BorgieTorrisdaleAirdLotts, AchnabatTubeg, Lamigo and Modsary to mention but a few. 

On going projects are Skerray school, built around 1836, Skerray Harbour, building commenced 1894, Island Roan, about 1 nautical mile from Skerray, the Lovat Scouts , some crofting records, both old and present including past and present tenants of the land and other landmarks that information is available for. Eilean Nan Ron is always being updated with comments from throughout the world.  Information and content is always welcome from you, the reader. To keep this site from being "static", it needs, and will be constantly evolving with new and more material that web surfers find interesting. Files need to be updated with information that you the reader can only supply as 2 main people behind the scenes can soon find that their resources are exhausted. 

History, about a place, without a doubt, can and does affect its future. We must all look into our past, analyse it and  plan our future around it. We may have taken it for granted but when we tried to find something of our past, all too often it has being destroyed and therefore we cannot plan or it is much harder without it. 
 There are many things from our past that is in our future, so please preserve, write down, take pictures and keep records.
We do not want to live in the past but we do want you to remember it.

We hope to give you an informative experience of Skerray, its past and present and  encourage you to come back with what you want from the site. Facts and figures shall be published as they should, and no particular views shall be expressed. In other words a liberal, sitting on the fence, point of view shall be taken. 
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