Island Neave or Coomb Island

 Situated around half a mile from Skerray harbour  or approx 300 yards from the mainland this Island has extreme and serene scenery contained within.
For its beauty, this Island is pretty much inaccessible due to the lack of an adequate safe landing spot. Any swell or wind prevents much visits.
Allegedly habituated by Columba's Monks  around AD563.
There are remains of a building there, or rather remains of walls.
These are prevalent in 2 places on the Island. One, I would assume, would be for the living quarters and the other for holding livestock.
However, if tales can be truthful, there is not a fresh supply of fresh water on the Island.
So, how was water made available to the inhabitants?
Many questions to be answered.
Perhaps if you go to around the centre of the Island, in the middle of the outline of the  larger walls, you may see some form of water availability!!!

Used up until the end of the last century, 1999, as  grazing for sheep by some of the local stockmen.
I know, personally, the people that took the last sheep of the Island last century, but whether anyone has put or grazed any from the year 2000 onwards, I do not know.