Meaning of Skerray

Looking from Tubeg towards the "Red Head" with the "Skerray Rock" just showing. Copyright material.


    A few different meanings or definitions of the name but basically it means the "Rock(s) in the Bay or Sea" or "Between the rocks and the Sea". Depending on who you talk to and what, if any, definition or reference you can get from them!!
 This is the rock looking north from the Pier that is submersed at high tide and causes quite spectacular scenes, from serene to explosive, when water breaks over it.

A small village on the north coast of the old county of Sutherland, (now a district), Highland region, Scotland. Population varies drastically from winter to summer months. But could include "locals' who either return for holidays, from work or from postings overseas.
  For a true census, a look at the voters role will give you a better answer!!

  Skerray used to be a well populated and dynamic place. Employment varied from the local nuclear plant, construction, fishing, forestry, Highland council trades and a few others. Sadly the only one dominant now is the crofting sector, which has been proven by various agencies, both public and private bodies, and some individuals, that it is unsustainable on its own without some other income to supplement it.
This is, perhaps,why so few own, work, tenant or use as many crofts as possible  for various reasons.

Perhaps a sign of the supercrofters, or a reference to the old 7:84 theater company, where 7% of the crofters own/run/tenant 84% of the land!!