Island Roan Descendants

If  you can identify any of these people we have made it easier to contact us, even anonymously if you wish by using the link below

We do know, in no order, Jessie Ann Mackay, Cathie Barbara Mackay, Kenny Christopher Mackay??, Donald Mackay (Babas) and the person sitting down with the Island Roan visitors book is someone called Gwen?? visiting from Australia.

The Island Roan visitors book was originally given to the people of Island Roan in approx 1872 by the then Duke/Duchess of Sutherland to be signed by each and every visitor to the Island. This book contained a wealth of local history of who visited the Island, why and the dates and purpose of visit. Any thing from the board of education visits, Dr;s visits, and plain old family or friends visiting the Island.
Truly a historical document, similar to the one of a Hebridean Island that was part of a Government backed initiative that preserves the history of a place. And yes money was allocated to obtain the records!
 There is a pdf document  of the visitors book that was to be given to this site for your perusal. However due to an untimely death this has now not being possible. I do know who has a copy of this, so if you are in the Muir of Ord area please let me know so you could possibly locate it for the site.
 It is rumoured that the actual book still resides in Skerray. This is after it was given to Hector Mackay by the Duchess of Sutherland, but this cannot be confirmed at the moment.
We would be greatly appreciative of any information on how to obtain a copy of this or the book itself. 
Any and every contribution would be acknowledged unless you would wish to remain otherwise.
 Again, surely the history of some place should be there for all to read and enjoy and not be denied by anyone.
 Once published or printed, in my and many others eyes, this should be available for everyone.