Lovat Scouts Connections to Skerray

James Mackay (Ghandi)James H Mackay (Ghandi)

Originally from Bonnybridge in central Scotland, he came to live in Skerray, Lotts, with his wife Megan.

'Ghandi" was latterly employed by the  now defunct Sutherland County Council.

He has, posthumously, contributed to this site with his poems and stories of Skerray, its places, people and of his work. Some of his contributions are in the narrative and  to quote another source, "Gandhi was quite clever in identifying all the idiosyncrasies of life and moulding them into a poem".

He shall also be remembered by some of the menfolk of the village for holding football practices in the Skerray Hall car park. He, I remember, was a great teacher of both tactical and technical plays. As he was a keen follower of one of the "auld firm" teams, I can say without doubt that this was carried on by the majority of his "players".
 Also, he was a member of the Scottish Country dancing classes that were held in the early 70's in the hall.

Sadly, "Ghandi" passed away very soon after retiring at age 65 followed by his wife, Megan, in 1992 aged 82.

Angus Mackay (Angie Strathmore)Angie Mackay (Strathmore)

Angie's father, Hugh, was employed as a keeper in Skerray and lived in Borgie before moving to Strathmore.
Angie's brother, Charlie, was born in Skerray, but, at the moment we are unsure about his sister and himself.
Most of his connections are from the Melness side of the Lovat Scouts, as this is where he spent his leave, mostly with is Aunt, Babara, and great friend Tommy Morrison.
Killed, sadly, I am told, by a sniper, whilst his recon platoon was scouting for enemy positions. His friends later retrieved his remains.
 His aunt, Barbara, having already lost a man with whom she was courting, a Captain in WW1, came home to run the PO, was devastated, along with others, as Angie was to have being her heir.


Enclosed, for you to view, is a very poignant letter, about his death sent to his Aunt in Melness. It came into my possession in a very roundabout way and is being used with permission of Sheena and Sandy Morrison - daughter and son, of the late Tommy Morrison RSM DCM Lovat Scouts.

Tommy Morrison