Skerray Harbour

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 This harbour was built from 1896 to around 1902 by 2 main contractors.
There was much "mistrust and alleged fraud"  between the first contractor and the trustees  resulting in the contractor being replaced by  locals to finish the job, including the blasting of "The cut", enabling a shorter voyage if you wanted to head east, in calmer weather.
Minutes of the trustees meetings is published in the Information tab.
Also, to come, is a formatted copy of the Charter Feu in favour of the Skerray Harbour Trustees!!!!!

 So, who does the Harbour actually belong to?
Maybe some information to help clarify a few things......

Fact.  The County of Sutherland, (County Council) took on the upkeep and ownership of the road from the "store to the turning place" at the harbour. Thus making it a public road and subject to all traffic rules and regulations.
( Dates Unknown)

Fact.. The County of Sutherland, (County Council) took on the responsibility for the upkeep of the harbour. This was sometime in the 1960’s when the use of the harbour was diminishing
Fact.  Around 1974, when there was a major upheaval in politics’, shall we call it “centralisation”, The Highland Regional Council took control of the Harbour and road to it. They have maintained, (sic), done alterations, added amenities’ to it, and put out invoices to users of the pier.

Fact. The Highland region do not have title deeds for the said Harbour. Ask them to supply them, they cannot and will refer you to different departments and different bylaws concerning it. NO CONCLUSIVE evidence that they own it!!!

Fact. Title deeds do exist for the harbour and the access road to it. Also for the site of what was once a storage building at the turning place. Now all that remains of it is the concrete pad. The building was washed away in the 1960’s

However before you go and claim it for the community and say it belongs to the people of Skerray,  you  would have to take in many considerations including lawyers fees, you would have to look at the cost of upkeep, making byelaws and a committee to run it, rules that would enabling you to charge for it, the insurance aspect  of many liabilities, including but not limited to ,when one slips on the concrete slip that does not get cleared of slime and weed and the multi million pounds lawsuit that follows, not to mention the new boat that one desires because of the "rusty ring" that the boat was allegedly tied too, gave way that was suposed to be replaced.
All the above are "alleged" happenings and do not reflect past, present or future claims by any party!!

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