Torrisdale Sands

Torrisdale Beach, perhaps one of the most stunning scenic beaches on the North Coast.

Approx 1 1/2 miles long, it stretches from the River Naver on the East side to the River Borgie, formerly known as the River Torrisdale* in the 18th century.

Torrisdale Sands

This beach has 2 known claims to fame, The Liberty Ship "John Randolf", which was grounded here in 1953 after breaking away from its tow in the North Atlantic on its way to be scrapped and the landing of a WW 2 warplane here from Wick aerodrome.
There is still wreckage of both on the beach. 

  Shinty, between the 2 Rivers, was played here by the natives of Skerray and Bettyhill on New Years day in times gone by. Around halfway between the villages is two landmarks, one is the" Black Rock" which, due to sand movement now cannot be seen from much of lower Torrisdale and the Giants Rock, a Red Rock that really has no geological links to the surrounding Landscape.

 One other claim to fame for this beach, due to its beauty and seclusion, was that it was listed as one of the top 10 UK nudist beaches!!
 Is it still listed and is it still a gathering place, well go and find out.....

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