My Tomcat

My Tomcat 

"Skerray Beast of '76"

poem by Donald Mackay, Lotts.
This is about his tomcat, who in his quest for accomplishing things in the "natural way", was "assassinated" up near Milburn in Torrisdale, by mistake in the hunt for the Skerray Puma in 1976.

Sad sad was the day my tomcat strayed away,
Romancing to old Torrisdale,
But its sad to relate he never kept his date,
Assassinated he was, on the way.
My poor tomcat, he liked his fun,
He had no VAT to pay,
It wasn't like the A i, 
He liked it the old fashioned way.


"Clap ye doon" ye lucky man,
The day ye left bogside,
For as natures call
ye'er kilt and all,
ye wouldnt be alive.


 I am now sad at heart,
Since my dear old toms depart,
And I'll ne'er get over the way,
For he was shot down.
Just going on his rounds,
That's just like the IRA.


Donald Mackay, Lotts

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