Sea Shanty

Skerray Sea Shanty

(To the tune of Beethoven’s 10th Symphony)

Old Molag is swearing and dancing about
On hearing the news he dispensed with his gout
His muffler as usual is wrapped round his chin
And he vows he'll soon have old "Oss" on the run.

He marched all day from his house to the shore
He scans the horizon, and chews till he's sore
His smack he has painted, and fixed the jiboon,
And he's thinking of nothing but Andresons's doom.

John George he has warned by an SOS call
To keep clear of the harbour, the haddies and all
To encourage his poultry and tar his old horse,
For there's money in both, and there's nothing in "Oss".

He vows if this warning does not take effect,
To St Kilda he' ll ship this two forestry wrecks,
Where the women wear trousers, and men war a shawl
And work on a holding is not done at all.

A wonderful scheme, I've been told it today,
This this couple went dredging in Scullomy Bay
Where they picked up a boat from the Oneaga wreck
Ossan in charge and John george as the mate.

Round by the Island and out by the cleit
To fish there for mackerel, for haddies and skate
And once they got "Molag" away of the seas.
To Spirid mo Sheanair the' ll sell as they please.

John George says the Forestry are all a washout
If you don't do your work, you'll get ordered about
And if ever you happen to cut the wrong peats
Mackenzie the lad will soon warm up your cheeks.

So down with the shovel and up with the sail
To hell with the hirsel I'm off to the Cait
There's money enough in the deep rolling sea
So here's to the haddies, haddies for me.

Says "Oss" I have dreamt of this scheme long ago
When in the Suez Canal I kept clear of the foe
And helped the old storekeeper tick off the dates
I had vision and thoughts of the money in skates.

A glorious future when I've grown old
Mina and I will be rolling in gold.