Skerray School Roll List



Back row. L-R Flo Mackintosh (Teacher), Billy Campbell, William Macintosh (son), Willie Macleod, Anson Macleod, Jimmy Campbell, Lillian Mackay(Teacher)

Front Row, L-R Dolene Mackay, Mabel Mackay, Joan mackintosh (daughter), Catherine Munro,
Elizabeth Mackay, Georgie Mackay, Margaret Manson, Annie Mackay, Sandra Macleod.

Circa approx 1948-50!!!!

Back Row L-R  Willie Robert Mackay (Millburn), George Mackinlay Mackay (Dode, PO), Chris Totten, William James Mackay (PO)
Neil Mackay (Millburn), Mary Mackay (PO Henderson)
Front Row L-R Kenneth Hants, Mary Hants, Hugh Mackay (Aird), Lilian Mackay, Dinah Hants.
The Hants were related to a family in Skerray but we have no information on them.
Chris Totten was a war refugee.
Circa photo, my guesstimate around 1940 because of  the war refugee and size age of people I knew!!

Available to download in Excel File Format is a list of school attendees or residents of Skerray from the late 1800's to 1968.
From Breaco, Borgie, Torrisdale through Modsary and Strathen and all places in between.
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It is a document that shall help in tracing family roots and give you an insight of how many people actually populated the place and the little townships within.  
 I, personally, believe it is nigh on impossible to trace ones roots past the mid 1830's in this county or parish unless it was "privately or otherwise" documented due to many factors, not least the following....

 Below is an extract from the NSA, which again, stress's the importance of such a document...

There was no register kept, previous to 1775. From that period till 1797 there was a record of births, marriages regularly made up; but the person who was session-clerk at that time became deranged, which was never suspected till it was incontestably proved, by his being found one morning busily employed in the churchyard distributing papers on the grave stones, with the sanguine hope of raising an army from the dead. On examination, these papers were discovered to be the parish register, so torn as to be completely useless. From 1797 marriages and births were registered, but not in a permanent form, and many of the loose sheets have been lost through the carelessness of clerks. However, since 1816, a correct register has been regularly kept.
This account was written January 1841.
Source: New Statistical Account of Scotland for Tongue, Family History Library book 941
B4sa, series 2, vol. 15.,_Sutherland,_Scotland

Further information regarding any one omitted or known to have lived in such a place would be greatly appreciated.